Corporate Promotions at Dixie Outpost Barbecue

Important meetings like corporate events deserve proper catering. Whether it be an award ceremony or holiday gathering, Dixie Outpost Barbecue can supply delectable food for you and your employees.

Event planning can be strenuous when you are looking for a venue to decorate and restaurant to deliver the food. If you were selected to plan the corporate event, we are here to make your job easier. Our catering service provides the best barbecue in the Blountville area. If you are celebrating a big success with the company, a meal with Dixie Outpost Barbecue gives you the best way to share the triumph.

If you need to impress an important client or CEO at the corporate events, we offer exquisite speciality entree options. Having high quality food will show that you selected a professional and excellent catering company. You made sure your guests enjoyed their food during the occasion.

Call Dixie Outpost Barbecue to start planning your corporate event.


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